Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(image from au carrefour etrange)

this is me, after all the excitement of today's historic happenings and our mini-voyage to cambridge and back and our stolen four-day weekend. as planned, i bawled. it was good to be with my mom, who cried too, as well as m, dad, and boo (no actual weeping for them). my favorite moments included:

*obama stumbling over the oath
*malia's camera
*sasha's color combo (orange and pink!)
*aretha franklin's hat
*dick cheney: is he more like a)mr. burns from the simpsons, b)mr. potter from it's a wonderful life, or c)mr. lebowski from the big lebowski?

so proud and happy.


David said...

or that guy in dr. strangelove?

Mary said...

I,too,loved every minute & am so grateful to have seen it with you guys! Love the addition of Mr L to the cheney possibilities.
shaka to you !

Mary said...

ooh, Dr strangelove of course..

Anonymous said...

Consensus has it that Chief Justice Roberts stumbled over the oath - his only lines in today's play, aside from "Congratulations, Mr. President!"

- Pop, still teary from the Big Day

Ellen said...

My initial reaction when I saw him was Mr. Burns, but where was Smithers? Was he in the limo with Obama?

margot said...

i vote for mr. potter. but i don't even know what dr. strangelove is, so i might be missing out.

i didn't cry, probably because i was with my host family and they weren't particularly emotionally involved. i almost cried later, because i knew you guys did and i miss you.

mr. deutschlehrer is pleased. so are many people in my class. a russian girl in my french class who i barely know invited me to go to the cinema with her and her friends! i am pleased. in general.

lizzie lou said...

hurray, bean, the cinema!

mama d said...

What about the part where Rick Warren tried to turn "Malia" and "Sasha" into some kind of fierce tribal names?

lizzie lou said...

mama d - oh yeah, that was bizarre!

Danca said...

Aretha Franklin's hat was quite remarkable.