Saturday, November 05, 2005


bean and boo went over to their friends' house saturday night to play this dungeons and dragons-type game called GURPS. m and i snuck back off to duckfat.

you know how sometimes you're in a store or something, and a person next to you starts talking to you, thinking you're her friend who was standing there a minute ago, but who moved silently down the aisle without the person noticing? that happened to me today, except the person was speaking german.

in other supermarket adventures, a man bumped into me in the snack aisle where i was contemplating "pretzels? or popcorn?" and then said, "whiter owls! they need whiter owls in here!" and i thought, yikes, crazy, and only later realized he was actually saying, "wider aisles."


miss gliss said...

mmmm, mmm.

miss gliss said...

the restaurant. not the owls. you added the rest of that post after i made my first comment. no fair! no FAIR!! THE OWLS ARE TOO WHIIIIITE!!!!!!!!!!