Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I had a birthday, and so did Mark, and we also celebrated 24 happy years being espoused* and just October in general, which is a month of lovely colors and coolness and warmth both. Isaac was home for his midterm break, and we fêted him with tasty food and coffee and baked goods from Tandem, and he spent lots of time with his sweetheart and even got some writing and reading done.

Clearly he's my spirit animal.

In the continuing adventures of my digestive issues, I was gluten free for almost three months, which maybe helped? A little bit? Maybe? I was also prescribed crazy antibiotics for a spell, which definitely didn't help, and tried various extreme diets and probiotics, which also didn't do anything for me. The latest plan by my gastroenterologist** is a low dose of antidepressants, which actually--strangely--seems to be helping. Funny that my guts, after all of this, just seem to be a little depressed. I've also started getting acupunctured*** this month, which I looooove, and which may help, if only with the stress that seems to contribute to my issues. Today during acupuncture I composed a beautiful poem in my head that I promptly forgot when I shook off the strange and dizzy relaxation afterward. It was perfect, I think. There was a girl with pins stuck through the skin of her fingertips, and people walking around with acupuncture needles sticking out of them. I wish I could remember it.

*archaic: married
**medical term for tummy doctor
***not a real word, but I like saying it

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Shockingly Short

September always catches me by surprise, going along like a normal month and then screeching to a stop after only thirty days (yeah, I know, February, but that month exists in an entirely different dimension). Here comes October!

Isaac came home for a brief couple of days, sang us a little song, and was off again.

I saw my dearest Checkout Girl for breakfast this morning. I miss her real-life self so much, and have to remember to be a grownup about the fact that she lives elsewhere. As in, being happy for my far-flung friends when they fling themselves afar. Working on that.

Because I am solo for a day in a quiet house, or maybe just because, I made a bowl of chocolate pudding for myself for dinner. And then, for dessert, I mashed up half an avocado, salt-and-peppered it, and ate it with tortilla chips.

After that, I murdered about fifteen tiny baby spiders that I discovered in my bathroom. They were too small to take outside (they were so small I almost couldn't see them without my reading glasses*), and I felt terrible, and Charlotte's Web was pinballing around inside my head the whole time. I apologized to each one as I crumpled him/her in a tissue and flushed him/her down the toilet. But AHHHH how many baby spiders did I not murder is the real question. Will they bite me in my bed tonight is the actual question.

Be jealous of my friend Jason's dream, which included a book of this title: On the Strategies and Practicum of Basket-Ball, complete with antique illustrations.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Will you meet me in the air?

1 // I throw my head to the heavens and ask, "WHY IS 'SISTER GOLDEN HAIR' PERMANENTLY STUCK IN MY HEAD? WHY O WHY?"

2 // Usually things are much more simple than we think, but occasionally they are way more fucked up and convoluted and crazy than we'd let ourselves believe.

3 // I am reading that great big fat book everybody's reading! Donna Tartt...The Goldfinch, that's the one! I like it. It has sucked me in and I stay up too late nightly reading just one more chapter.

4 // The dog is not my child, the dog is my friend, my dog, my beloved companion. It's just that the protocol at the dog beach seems to be that we refer to each other (us humans, that is), as "Blackie's mom" and "Sparky's dad." Mark and I do not do that, even though Mark secretly wants to run away with Gus and live in a little cabin in the woods.

5 // So much TV, but SO? You wanna make something of it? Also, see: book-reading, above. Most days, I also complete many hours of billable work, and clean the basement for an hour or so, and sometimes I even vacuum & such. We have started The Good Wife, and finished season one of The Leftovers.

6 // Still with that salad. It's so good.

7 // I need to not listen to the news for a while.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nest: September Second

The status of my nest on this Tuesday evening is: empty(ish). Look at this boy, he is at college. He is installed in his dorm room, with a roommate and a desk and a "shower caddy" and so on. This week at his school he will participate in a long, intensive process of interviewing all the professors whose classes he'd like to take (the professors interview him right back!). It sounds like he's leaning toward history/politics/economics. He is a homebody at heart, so this is a lot, for him and for us.

And now: to fill the dumpster, which still sits all crookedly sited in the driveway, hungry for junk.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Rabbit rabbit!

I am away from home on this first day of September, unfortunately traveling without my tiny plastic rabbit friend, so these fun-loving rabbity pals will have to do.