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Friday, February 07, 2020

Harsh words and scattered syringes

(From a movie review I was just reading: "Rated R for harsh words and scattered syringes.")

Ugh, I've got to get off the social media. Getting embroiled in a long back-and-forth with anti-vaxxers on Facebook was not how I'd planned to spend 2020. In contrast, and confusingly, I also had a lovely interaction with a friend I only interact with on FB (i.e. if I quit FB I lose that connection, and it matters to me). I'm continuing my brutal cull of people and places that bring me down, muting and unfollowing ruthlessly. 

Clover isn't a fan of the new normal around here. It involves a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and being carried around a lot. No frolicking in the back yard, no off leash play times. Business-only leash walks. NO FUN. Added to our heartbreak is the knowledge that these are some of her last months (or, maybe, weeks) with Gus.


Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Little bird

The little sparrow-clover-dog has what's basically a basketball injury, a slightly torn ligament* (in humans, it's the ACL). Now we're dispersing daily meds to all three of these furry friends. She will be fine, but we face the near-impossible task of restricting her activity as much as possible for a month. 

*How did this happen? No idea, really — it may have been a crazy beach-running fluke, or that on top of a previous incident when Gus landed on her funny and made her yipe. The good news is that the rest of her is as sturdy as can be. I mean, aside from her fortitude. She gets a bit trembly and skittery at the vet.